Roadhouse Roast - An Existential Coffee

Roadhouse Roast, the business, was born out of wanting something more from life. It was the realisation that I had to do something for myself to give my own life meaning. I couldn't sit back any longer. I had to jump into the drivers seat, both hands on the wheel.

And, like on any road trip sometimes you need to pull over at the Roadhouse, reorientate, find clarity, and reflect on where you have been before moving on to your next destination.

The first blend to be offered by the Roadhouse is the Blacktop Espresso. The name comes from the 1971 film Two-lane Blacktop, the quintessential existentialist road trip movie of that era. The tag line...

'Their world is a two-lane blacktop,
No beginning...
No end...
No speed limit'

Flavour notes:
Full bodied and dark with mouth watering blackberries and rich stouty overtone.


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