Red Hill Farmers Market - Sunday 26 Nov

Roadhouse Roast has some great coffees on offer at tomorrows Red Hill Farmers Market. The weather will be clearing so it'll be a great day for a drive through the Red Hill hinterland. There will be fresh produce in abundance and of course fresh roasted coffee.

We'll be at the Red Hill Consolidated School from 9am to 1pm. So be quick, stocks are limited.


The November Range

We offer whole bean and ground coffee, 200g/bag.

Blacktop Blend

Flavour notes: Full bodied and dark with mouth-watering blackberries and rich stouty overtone.

Comments: This blend is named after the 1971 film Two-lane Blacktop, the quintessential road trip film of that era. The blend is predominantly Brazilian, with Peruvian and Indonesian beans to round it off. Great for espresso based drinks. My personal favourite at the moment!

Guatemala 'Nueva Granada' Estate RFA

Flavour notes: Sweet candy apple aroma with a smooth choc-caramel sweetness.

Comments: This Rainforest Alliance certified coffee is grown on the mountainous slopes of San Marcos, Guatemala. The Coffee of Nueva Granada is shade grown with shade trees providing sanctuary for birds and small wildlife. Since joining the Rainforest Alliance program, Nueva Granada has planted over 30,000 additional trees.

Indonesian Mandheling Lumika Lintong

Flavour notes: Dark morello cherries with delightful coconut perfume, smooth earthy finish.

Comments: This Lintong coffee is produced in the Lake Toba region of Sumatra. It is hand selected by 72 year old Lumika who is renowned for her keen eye for quality. She purchases only the best parchment coffee from small local growers. Lumika and her sons own their own processing facility in which they apply strict quality control to produce a superior and consistent product.


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