Hungover? Try This

I found this recipe while I was flicking through some vintage Floyd - Keith Floyd that is. This particular recipe is not actually one of Floyd's but from a book titled White Trash Cooking that Floyd came across while filming Floyd's American Pie in the late 80's. 

I'm guessing that it might only be good for hangovers, and it would have to be a pretty good one to try this. I don't think we'll be seeing it on the breakfast table any time soon. Even Floyd wasn't game enough to try it and neither am I. 

Red Eye Gravy

'After cooking the breakfast meat (bacon, ham, or sausage), remove it from the iron skillet and put it aside. To the drippins add 65ml of strong coffee and stir while continuing to heat. Pour over hot grits or sop up with hot biscuits.'


Friends do dinner said...

If you were really hungover, you would need someone else to cook this for you! It doesn't sound very pleasant and the smells!

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