Market Day

Well I did it! Market day has been and gone. What a great day. The sun was out and no rain,yes!

Everything went to plan, except next time I'll make sure I'm not roasting 'til 1am the night before (think I'm still recovering). Everything seemed to come together, the logo, the packaging, my new red trestle table hand built by my boyfriend JB (under strict direction of course).

The day wasn't all about the sales, but I'm really happy about how my product went. There was genuine interest in the coffees I put on the table.

The biggest error of the day was not having a big red 'Coffee' sign out the front. For some reason I assumed that everyone knows that little brown bags with Ethiopian or Guatemalan written on the front contained coffee beans. There was a bit of confusion.

So until next market it's back to the drawing board. AR 


Coffee On My Mind

Stage 1 - 3 days and counting


Welcome to the Roadhouse - The Experiment

Hi, welcome to Roadhouse Roast an experimental coffee roastery based just south of Melbourne, Vic.

My goal for a long time has been to set up small roasting company and Roadhouse Roast is my first step along that journey. It's still in experimentation mode but over the coming months I'll be developing my brand and selling my wares at local farmers markets. 

My first big order of green coffee is in transit and I'm expecting it soon. Still having some design issues with the logo/packaging but maybe inspiration will hit soon. I'll keep you posted.

Launch day for 'Stage 1' will be September 25 at the Red Hill Farmers Market, maybe I'll see you there. AR